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Male Laser Hair Removal

The first sessions are held every two or three months and as treatment progresses will be spaced because hair takes longer to grow. As men have higher hormone levels, hair growth is continuous

for more years so the number of sessions needed may be somewhat higher than that of women. After finishing treatment, some men may need bi annual maintenance sessions to remove a residual hair.

male intimate area

male intimate area

Everyday, more men choose to treat with laser the genital, perianal, buttocks and/or the groove cleft. It is a safe hair removal wich offers aesthetic benefits, personal hygiene, and it is shown to decrease the risk of transmitting diseases and improve sex relations.

Zone du visage pour homme

Male facial area

To remove beard´s hair with alexandrite laser avoids losts of skin problems and irritation. You can do a complete treatment for the complete removal of hair or loose sessions to weaken its quantity and/or density. You can also try more specific areas as the base of the beard, cheeks, ears and eyebrows, or a full beard.