Ballancer pressotherapy applies a gentle massage, acting on the lymphatic system in order to improve circulation throughout the body. It is an alternative to manual lymphatic drainage massage.


This treatment fights cellulite by stimulating circulation in the legs through alternate pressures. The purpose of pressure therapy is to perform lymphatic drainage, to help eliminate liquids and thus to deal with cellulite.

How it WORKS

The pressotherapy or lymphatic drainage is a non-invasive therapeutic method that uses pressure to reactivate the lymphatic and blood circulation. The pressotherapy pants, have individual airbags that swell and deflate to exert a gentle pressure on the body. In addition to the pleasant sensation, it relaxes the muscles, activates circulation and the movement of fluids to facilitate their subsequent natural elimination.

Sessions: duration and frequency

The duration of each session is about 40 minutes. An isolated session can be done or on a regular basis, on demand.

1 session
5 sessions
10 sessions
40 minutes Session
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