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Cavitation is the right technique to control the contour of your body, combined with a healthy diet and exercise.


It is a treatment that, combined with exercise and a healthy diet, has notable effects on the contour of your body. For its complete efficiency, it is necessary to realize physical exercise or apply a draning treatment as the presotherapy.

How it acts

The application of ultrasounds at low frequency, originates a vibration that provokes the formation of small bubbles in the adipose fabric. The bubbles implode immediately, breaking the membrane of the adipositos and liberating the fat that they contain, that is eliminated in a natural way across the lymphatic system.

Sessions: duration and frequency

The duration of every session can be from 60 to 90 minutes, from wich we cavitate the body at least 25 to 45 minutes. The period between sessions from one week to 10 days. The number of sessions depends on the quantity of fat to eliminate and ranges between 6 and 12.