What is the difference between pulsed light and photodepilation?

The term "fotodepilación" includes both laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal: both methods pluck through the light (photo = light). Most centers that advertise with the term "fotodepilación" have simply pulsed light devices, cheaper and much less effective. But beware: do not let that confuse you! The alexandrite laser is really capable of acting on all skin types of skin. Its physical characteristics make the skin with no hair for longer time and than the number of sessions needed are considerably lower, reducing the final price of a full treatment. The pulsed light, however, emits a light mixed with different wavelengths traveling in different directions controlled by filters. Therefore provides less precision, needing a greater number of sessions for optimal results. Therefore, increasing the final cost of full treatment.

Why are other clinics so cheap?

If you compare prices, keep in mind that the centers operating pulsed light can offer lower prices because devices are cheaper and treatments less effective. It is also important to consider the final price of the complete treatment. Without doubt, the alexandrite laser reduces the number of sessions and increases the time between each session. It is more convenient, cheaper and more effective than pulsed light or other kind of laser techniques.

Why do I need the free initial consultation?

The first visit is a good option if you have any questions you want to make us personally. We also make a laser test, by applying the laser in a small area of your body, to check what is the best power for your skin. It is also useful because you can see for yourself the effectiveness of the laser and see how we work before take a decision.

What should I do before the session?

Stop using any other method of hair removal to remove the hair root. At least 3 weeks before coming to see us. Prepare the area by shaving 4 to 6 days before coming. Doing this, we get the ideal hair length, which will allow laser to get stronger to the root. Do not tan your skin. You cannot sunbathe, or go to UV solarium, or use self-tanning as creams, wipes or makeup on the treated area. Bring your skin clean, it's best not to have any type of cream, if you do, say it to our staff and we will take it off with a washcloth. Ask your doubts. If you think we should know something about your skin, tell us before treatment begins, the day of your first appointment, where you'll make a small test.

What should I do after the session?

Avoid sun exposure in the treated area. Depending on what your plans are, we will suggest specific caution in each case. Moisturize the treated area. Some patients notice the area a bit dry. Hydrating the skin is good and promotes the recovery of possible reddening of the skin, caused by the laser. During the day of your session, avoid excessive physical exercises, swimming pools, saunas and any activity that will produce an excessive overheating of the body.

Will it hurt?

Some patients, depending on the area, find the treatment somewhat annoying, but the feeling quickly disappears. The discomfort is described as an accumulation of heat in the area, a pinch or flick. We have different types of skin cooling during treatment to minimize discomfort, protect better the epidermis and maximize as possible feeling of comfort.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions varies depending on the physical characteristics of the person -type and skin color, hair type and color, age, gender, hormonal exceptions- and the treatment area. The average is between 4 and 8 sessions. In general, women need fewer sessions than men.

How often should I run the sessions?

For body areas, the sessions should be taken with an interval of 7 weeks at least, which is the time it takes for hair to grow back. For the facial area, due to the high level of hormones, the interval is 4 weeks As the number of sessions increases the hair comes in smaller quantities and finer, and as weakening, also usually takes more weeks to grow back.

Are there side effects?

It is a safe treatment with hardly any side effects. Immediately after the laser hair removal session, the treated area may become slightly red. This is a normal irritation called "erythema". At Total Laser we used aloe vera gel to cool the area. You may also see what is called "perifollicular edema", the appearance is like a mosquito bite or very small -that does not itch or hurt-, this happens when we remove the plasma from the blood vessel and makes it empty. The swelling may last several hours but you will usually disappear after a few minutes.

Does it work in back and chest?

Both the back and chest are areas with a high level of hormones, especially the upper back, therefore, hair growth is constant and continuous from age 20 until well into middle age. After the treatment, if you want to have the area completely free of hair, it is very likely that man requires a yearly maintenance session (preferably before the summer season, because the skin has a lower level of melanin and laser power may be greater).
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