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Facial Treatments

Retrieves the smoothness of your skin, clean up your face thoroughly and attenuates the signs of aging by our new facial treatments. Ask us with no obligation. Trust in our team to help you find out the technique that best suits your needs.


TOTAL LASER uses only major Western equipment, applies high-level cosmetics and we do not hurry, using all the time your face needs.



It is a deep cleaning, manual and with equipment, which purifies, repairs and revitalizes the face.


Photo Depigmentation

Treat the visible damage of the skin, as skin blemishes.



Our facial radiofrequency Accent is a non-invasive treatment that fights sagging skin by stimulating collagen itself.



High technology IPL

Face repair treatment: attenuates wrinkles and sagging face returning to a more smooth and young skin.

These facial treatment test
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