Our facial radiofrequency Accent is a non-invasive treatment that fights sagging skin by stimulating collagen itself.


Radiofrequency Accent rotates the water molecules to produce heat. For its strong transmission power gets to warm the hypodermis, which is the layer of the skin where the vascular system and fibroblasts are (responsible for producing collagen and elastin).

The thermal effect increases blood circulation and stimulates new collagen production and eslastina. With two heads, Unipolar and Bipolar, got treat both problems at the most superficial layers of the skin and the deeper.

STEP BY STEP, duration and frequency

Radiofrequency Accent facial session includes facial cleansing, radiofrequency application (30-45 minutes), final application decongestant and cream mask. The session takes around 60 minutes. Treatment should be done with a minimum interval of 6 weeks.

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