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Photo Depigmentation


Photo depigmentation is a treatment that reduces visible damages of the skin by lightening skin blemishes, prevents photo-aging and gives skin looks younger.


The products exfoliate damaged cells, stimulate the growing of healthy ones, progressivament reduce the stains while recovering brightness and smoothness to the skin, increase the oxygen consume and skin hydration, retrieve the facial oval reaffirms skin over muscle fibers, inhibit melanin synthesis by multiplying the unit tone and luminosity.

How does the photo depigmentation works

The face is oxygenated, hydrated and prepared to higher absorption of nutrients. It increases the synthesis of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and natural ceramides of the skin. It fights age spots, sun, medications, and post acne damage. Promotes skin renewal, brings clarity, protection, revitalizes and restores firmness to tissues subjected to the aging process.

Steps and durations

The session includes: manual cleaning of the face, apply the mask, serum, vitamin C, collagen mask and cream finish. The duration is around 75 minutes. Full treatment is weekly and can vary depending on client skin needs.

Photo Depigmentation