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High technology IPL Face repair treatment: attenuates wrinkles and sagging face returning to a more smooth and young skin.


Stimulation of collagen increases firmness and tone of the skin giving it more youthful, while recovering the luminosity. Finally, it achieves a deep moisturizing of the skin which would not be possible to make manually.

How it works

It begins with a deep mechanical exfoliation with multiple heads, with special emphasis on wrinkles, regenerating cells. Then, the application of ultrasound produces high frequency vibrations and a temperature increase, which stimulates collagen, liquefied fat and allows deep penetration of water-soluble products such as vitamins, moisturizers or antioxidants.

Steps and duration

The session includes: manual cleaning of the face, dermabrasion with different heads, application of ultrasound conductive gel in specific areas, penetration of small blister, mask and cream finish. The duration ranged between 70 and 80 minutes.